Estate Planning Preparation Survey

As a valued client, we would appreciate your feedback about the service you received while preparing your estate planning documents. The survey below will only take a few minutes of your time.

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    1. What document(s) did you have prepared at your appointment (please select all relevant documents)?

    2. How do you rate the Public Trustee in the service it provided to you in the preparation of your estate plan?

    a. The courtesy and helpfulness of our staff

    b. The knowledge and expertise of our staff

    c. The information provided helped me understand the processes involved in preparing my estate plan

    d. Were the fees and charges to prepare an estate plan and/or estate administration explained?

    e. The value for money in relation to the level of service provided

    f. The allocated time was sufficient to prepare my documents

    g. The office venue/environment

    h. The quality of the phone connection: were you able to clearly communicate? (if applicable)

    3. Would you be happy to prepare your estate planning documents via the phone?

    5. From your experience would you recommend the Public Trustee to others?

    This last section provides general information about you and your contact details if we need to follow-up on any of your comments or concerns. The information is important to us but it is optional for you to complete

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