Estate Administration Survey

As a valued beneficiary, we would appreciate your feedback regarding the services provided to you during the administration of your estate. The survey below will take just a few minutes of your time.

    How do you rate Public Trustee in the service it provided to you in the administration of the estate?

    1a. The courtesy and helpfulness of Public Trustee staff

    1b. The knowledge and expertise of Public Trustee staff

    1c. The information provided assisted in understanding the processes involved in the administration of the estate

    1d. The information provided about fees and charges relating to the estate administration

    1e. Being able to contact relevant staff when needed

    1f. The timeliness of response to my enquiries

    1g. Communication throughout the estate administration, including regular updates

    1h. My needs as a beneficiary were listened to and addressed

    1i. Efficient and accurate administration of the estate

    1j. The overall value for money in relation to the level of service provided

    3. Would you recommend the Public Trustee estate administration service to others?

    4. Please indicate which Public Trustee services have been recommended to you?

    5. Can the Public Trustee share your testimony (with first name and location only) with other Tasmanians?

    This last section provides general information about you and your contact details if we need to follow-up on any of your comments or concerns. This information is important to us but it is optional for you to complete.

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