What happens if a Will has not been signed correctly?

If a Will is not signed correctly, the document you have prepared may not be recognised as a valid Will.

This may mean you wishes may not be carried out as you intended and may cause issues for your appointed executor and loved ones.

To ensure you documents are valid they need to be signed and witnessed correctly.

How to finalise your Will?

The easiest way to finalise (execute) your Will is to make an appointment with the Public Trustee.

At your first appointment with the Public Trustee, we will take you will and estate planning instructions. We will make a second appointment for you to sign and finalise your will.

At your signing appointment we will

  1. ensure that that the Will we have prepared for you accurate reflects your wishes;
  2. have you sign and date your documents correctly;
  3. independently witness your documents correctly;
  4. provide you with copies of your documents, and
  5. Safely store your original documents in Public Trustees’ safe custody service for free.

 Click here for more information on Public Trustees’ safe custody service

 To make an appointment to prepare or finalise (execute) your Will and estate plan call 1800 068 784 or click here to make an appointment

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