Snapshot client survey

We are conducting a quick snapshot survey among Public Trustee clients who are currently being supported through an administration order. The purpose of this survey is to gather insights into the effectiveness of the new supported decision-making framework and its impact on the lives of clients.

The survey will be from 11 April to 24 April 2024.  

Feedback drives improvement:

Feedback is valuable to us as it helps us gain a better understanding of our client’s experience. It also helps us make improvements to our services and make better decisions to benefit everyone involved.

About the survey:

Myriad Research will call our clients via phone to ask them 5 questions. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Participation in the survey is voluntary:

Clients can refuse to participate at any time when they are contacted.

Survey Content:

  1. Firstly, have you noticed any changes in the level of support you have received from your Client Account Manager in the last 6 months?
  2. In the last 6 months, how happy have you been with the support you have received from the Public Trustee?
  3. In the last 6 months, do you feel like you have had more, less, or the same amount of support in decisions that affect you?
  4. In the last 6 months, has it been easier for you to contact your Client Account Manager?
  5. How could the Public Trustee improve its service to you?

Client Privacy:

Both the Public Trustee and Myriad Research are committed to safeguarding client personal information. Only the client’s first name, phone number, and assigned branch code have been shared with Myriad Research for the sole purpose of conducting the survey. Survey responses will not identify individual clients in any way, ensuring their privacy and confidentiality.

For more information about the survey, clients or support people can reach out to the dedicated Client Account Manager or contact the Manager of Personal Services or the Acting Manager of Trustee Services. Marketing is also happy to assist in any way possible.

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