Public Trustees’ safe custody service

Prevent your important documents getting lost or damaged by storing your Will and any other estate planning documents with us for free.

It’s important to have a safe, secure and accessible place to store your original Will and other planning ahead documents.

The Public Trustees’ safe custody service will help your family, executors and attorneys to easily find your documents and make sure your wishes are followed when the time comes. These documents are your voice and it’s important to keep them safe.

How do I store my documents in the Public Trustees’ safe custody service?

Prepare a Will enduring power of attorney or enduring guardian with the Public Trustee and we will store your documents for free.

How can I access my documents?

You, your executor, attorney, guardian, beneficiaries or other authorised people can easily access your documents from storage when required.

  • Step 1: Call us on 1800 068 784 to request the documents and validate your Identity.
  • Step 2: We will deliver the documents to the closest branch for collection (this may take up to a week).

To make an appointment to prepare you Will and estate plan call 1800 068 784 or click here to make an appointment

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