Social media moderation guidelines

The Public Trustee welcomed constructive feedback from our clients and the greater community.  We see our social media platforms as an excellent way of providing the means of further engagement. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to actively engage with us online in a respective manner.

Even though social media operates 24/7 we will only monitor our site during normal working hours, it will not be monitored during weekends and Tasmanian and national Public Holidays.

We aim to respond to queries as quickly as possible, but sometimes this can take up to 10 working days. If you have an enquiry, it may be more effective to contact us directly by calling 1800 068 784 or by using the contact form provided on our website.

The information provided on our social media page is of a general nature. Although we try to ensure that all posts are accurate, information may change over time and we advise users to check that any information provided is current.

We reserve the right to moderate the content and we may remove or hide content that is:

  1. Offensive, abusive, obscene, racist or hateful
  2. Illegal, inaccurate or misleading
  3. Threatening or defamatory
  4. Endorsements and advertising  from other organisations
  5. Spam or viruses
  6. Personal information (including naming or identifying clients or staff)
  7. Infringing of a person’s intellectual property rights

We may also block users from posting to our pages. As we do not monitor our pages outside of normal working hours we may not be aware of any inappropriate content straight away we do encourage other users to ignore these comments and/or inform us directly.

Contact details:

Phone: 1800 068 784
Fax: (03) 6235 5255
Postal Address: GPO Box 1565, Hobart, TAS 7001


Your feedback makes us better

We have processes in place to ensure we are providing the best outcomes for our clients. If you would like to comment on our process and service standards we require formal feedback to implement meaningful changes if required.

You can find our feedback and complaints form on our website.

Privacy policy

For more information on how we collect, use and protect personal information please refer to our privacy policy information on our website.

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