Public Trustee making significant improvements to culture and delivery of services

Over the past year, the Public Trustee has undergone a period of unprecedented organisational change including implementing the recommendations of the Independent Review into the Public Trustee, and the Rockliff Liberal Government’s significant reforms to the Guardianship and Administration Act 1995.
Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Guy Barnett said the Government continues to work constructively and support the Public Trustee to implement all 28 recommendations from the Independent Review – with 26 now complete and the remainder well underway.
“This is a significant achievement by the Public Trustee Board and leadership team, who have been engaging and building strong and committed relationships with stakeholders,” Attorney-General Barnett said.
“This work has been done specifically through client and stakeholder reference groups that are actively working together each month to implement the recommendations, as well as developing a new framework for supported decision-making.”
The Public Trustee is also developing a broad education campaign to improve awareness about the importance of having a will.
“The Rockliff Liberal Government is committed to supporting the Public Trustee to continue to deliver important community education services and initiatives, which aim to raise awareness regarding the importance of documenting legal, health care and financial wishes in estate planning documents.
“Many of these programs aim to reduce intestacy – or dying without a will – in Tasmania.
“About 50 per cent of Tasmanians pass away without a valid will, which sadly creates a significant burden for their loved ones when finalising their affairs.
“This is something I wish to address and will be ensuring the Department of Justice and the Public Trustee work collaboratively to not only launch a broad communication campaign early next year, but also look at further options and initiatives to reduce intestacy rates and encourage more Tasmanians to make a will.”
This proactive approach will not only empower individuals to secure their legacy but will also ease the emotional and administrative challenges faced by families and beneficiaries during difficult times.

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