Public Trustee continuing to deliver important services for Tasmanians

The Rockliff Liberal Government continues to support the Public Trustee as it improves the way it delivers its important services to Tasmanians.

“The Public Trustee plays an important role in the Tasmanian community, providing specialist and independent trustee services to Tasmanians, including some of the most vulnerable people in our community,” said Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Elise Archer.

“The recent appointments of Kim Barker, Mark Grey and John Mazengarb as Directors of the Board of the Public Trustee will help in its ongoing work to improve its diverse services.

“These Directors fill vacancies created by the expiration of terms of appointment as well as the position previously held by the now Chairperson of the Board, Ms Therese Taylor.

“I would like to thank Tracy Matthews and Barbara Hingston for their time on the Board and their contribution to the work of the Public Trustee, and I look forward to continuing to work with the Board to improve the services offered to some of Tasmanian’s most vulnerable people.”

The Attorney-General said the Public Trustee has made significant progress on the delivery of the recommendations made as part of the Independent Review conducted by Damian Bugg AM KC.

“Twenty-two of the 28 recommendations have now been completed with all remaining recommendations due to be completed in the coming months,” the Attorney-General said.

“This is a significant achievement by the Public Trustee, led by CEO Todd Kennedy who has been engaging and building strong and committed relationships with stakeholders, specifically through client and stakeholder reference groups established in May 2022 that are actively working together each month to implement the recommendations, as well as developing a common approach for supported decision-making.

“The Public Trustee has also commenced a concentrated state-wide staff recruitment drive to significantly reduce caseload levels from 150 clients down to 50 clients per Client Account Manager.

“Twelve new client account managers will be commencing in April and May, with half of these new recruits based in the North and North West of the State, to provide a more personal service for clients residing in these areas.”

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