Public Trustee bringing more staff and better services to the North West

The Public Trustee plays an important role supporting some of the most vulnerable members of the North West Coast community.   With the recruitment of new staff under way, the Public Trustee will be able to provide even better services, closer to home for North West clients.

Public Trustee CEO, Todd Kennedy, said more staff means reduced caseloads and more time to focus on improving services.

“More staff means better outcomes for the North West community, it’s that simple,” Mr Kennedy said.

“Previously, staff have been working with up to 150 clients each, but by employing more staff we can reduce that to around 50 clients for each client account manager.  That means we have more time to really get to know our clients and make sure they are getting the service they deserve and a really personalized approach.

“This year in our Devonport office we have recruited an additional 3 staff, and are currently in the process of recruiting 2 more staff.  With more staff on deck we can also look to deliver more services in the community through our visitation programs.

“It has been really important for us to recruit locals to ensure that we are as connected as possible to the communities we serve.

“Our office is at 18 Rooke Street in Devonport and we’d encourage anyone who would like to talk about our services to contact our team.”

For more information call us on 1800 068 784 or click here to make an appointment 

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