Planning Ahead with the Public Trustee

Although Estate Planning involves thinking about situations many of us would prefer not to consider, it can make a real difference when life is at its most challenging.

Henry and Judy decided to arrange their Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, and Enduring Guardianship documents with the Public Trustee long before they needed them. Being prepared meant they could focus on what was important when their circumstances changed.

When Judy became ill, Henry had not imagined how much his life would change. Household tasks his wife normally carried out with ease ended up as his responsibility. With some help, he soon learnt new skills such as tending to the garden and baking bread, which he now boasts is even better than Judy’s.

It also became Henry’s responsibility to manage their household finances. Fortunately, they had both made Enduring Power of Attorney documents appointing each other as their Attorney.

Simple things such as dealing with utilities can be a problem if the accounts are not in your name. Having the Enduring Power of Attorney document in place meant Henry could easily take on these tasks. Henry also had peace of mind knowing that if he became ill, his son, who was his substitute Attorney, could be there to look after them both.

When Judy started to require more care, they realised that she also needed an Enduring Guardianship document, which they again arranged for the Public Trustee to prepare. This made a big difference as Henry was able to help Judy by making decisions about her medication, care and accommodation in line with her wishes.

Henry was so thankful that he and Judy had planned ahead. Because of this process he understood what Judy really wanted when it came to her financial, medical and legal wishes. By preparing a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship documents, Henry and Judy didn’t have to worry about uncertainties; they had time to enJoy their precious time together.

At the Public Trustee we can assist you in preparing Estate planning documents such as an Enduring Power of Attorney, an Enduring Guardianship and a Will.

You can select family members or friends to be your Executor or Attorney. If you are concerned about asking your family or friends to take on these roles or feel it would be a burden to them,you can appoint the Public Trustee as your Attorney and/or Executor. If you appoint the Public Trustee we will take care of managing your affairs or administeringyour estate with assistance from our experts in investments, financial planning, property management, taxation and legal affairs.

Planning ahead can make a big difference when life is at its most challenging; allowing you to enjoy more precious time with your loved ones.

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