Meet Audrey, a story about restoration and care

Audrey loved her garden, not just the plants, but the calming feeling she had when in the garden.

When Audrey became unwell, her lovely garden suffered. She couldn’t take care of it, so the
once neat paths got messy with weeds. Audrey couldn’t move around like before, and she
missed the beauty of her garden.

The Public Trustee was appointed to support Audrey with her financial affairs. We got to know Audrey and found that her garden was important to her. We were able to support Audrey by organising maintenance teams to take care of her garden and fix things in her home.

Now, Audrey’s Garden is beautiful again. Audrey’s story shows how kindness and practical support can bring back happiness, even when life gets tough.

*Names have been changed to protect the client’s privacy

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