Invitation from the Department of Justice for comments on Guardianship law changes

The Department of Justice is working on a proposal to change Tasmania’s guardianship laws to make the system work better. We (the Department of Justice) want people to tell us their experiences under the current law. We also want to know what people think of the things we are looking at changing.

We want to change the law to make sure that people living with a disability have their human rights protected. This includes making new laws that the Tribunal and guardians and administrators have to follow. This includes the Public Guardian and the Public Trustee.

The formal legislation and information is available here: Guardianship and Administration Amendment Bill 2022 (

To help us understand how the guardianship system has affected people who have been on guardianship or administration orders, we’ve put together some simpler information about the changes and some questions here: Guardianship law changes (

People can also tell us about anything else about possible changes to the law that you think we should know. We will keep your information private and only use it to help us improve the law.

Please send your answers and comments to Leica Wagner at by Friday 2 November 2022. Leica Wagner is the contact person at the Department of Justice who is working on the law reforms

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