Guardianship and Administration Amendment Bill

The Public Trustee are appointed to take on trusted roles at difficult times in people’s lives. We are appointed to provide important safety net financial administration support for clients when the Tasmanian Civil and Administration Tribunal (TASCAT) decides that they are unable to manage their own financial affairs because of illness or disability and when no one else meets the current criteria to help.

We take this responsibility to our clients and to the community seriously. We are making significant changes to our organisation in line with the recommendations highlighted in the Independent Review and our new ministerial charter.

Our changes have been focused on improving the client experience, having staff in all regions to assist clients, improving our complaint handling processes and educating the community about the importance of planning ahead for their future by making their financial, medical and legal wishes known.

One of the most significant changes we have made is to provide our clients with a voice to be heard and understood. Over the last 10 months, we have established both client and stakeholder reference groups to provide feedback on the issues our clients face. I (Todd, CEO) am regularly available to speak with clients, their families and support networks across the state. 

The Public Trustee are very grateful for the input received from the members of our client and stakeholder reference groups. These separate groups have been able to shine new perspectives on how we overcome some of the complex and nuanced financial, legal and personal arrangements we must navigate to assist our clients.

It has been an amazing accomplishment to work with various support groups in Tasmania on a common goal to assist our mutual clients and advocate for their current and future needs. We encourage our clients, carers and their families to get in touch with us at any time if they have any issues or queries.

Guardianship and Administration Amendment Bill.

The Government has released a consultation draft of the Guardianship and Administration Amendment Bill. We support changes that will continue to provide us with a framework to assist our clients to live a life of their choosing and within their financial means.

We welcome changes to the legislation that will provide more flexibility for families, carers and other significant people in a vulnerable person’s life to provide assistance.

The Independent Review

In 2021, the Tasmanian Government commissioned an independent review of the operations of the Public Trustee, which produced twenty-eight (28) recommendations. The Public Trustee welcomed the opportunity to take stock of what we are doing well and look at ways to improve our services, especially the way we support vulnerable Tasmanians.

We have made strong progress implementing thirteen (13) of the recommendations, and a further ten {10) recommendations are in progress with the remainder of the recommendations supported in principle with further action to take place

Moving forward

We are working hard to transform into a more modern, client-centric organisation, and while significant change has been implemented, we need continual change to meet the needs of the community.

We are committed to making these changes. This is what our clients need and what we want to deliver for our community.

We also urge the community to plan ahead and ensure they have made their financial, medical and legal wishes known through legal documents such as a Will, enduring power of attorney and enduring guardianship. Preparing these documents help protect your family and loved ones from the burden and additional costs of sorting your affairs in courts and tribunals.

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