150th Anniversary: Unsealing Time Capsule

On the 29th of August 2003, we celebrated our 150th anniversary by sealing a unique time capsule that is located at our Hobart office. The time capsule contains the personal messages of over 500 Tasmanian primary school children about their hopes and aspiration for life in 50 years.

These are some of the “Time Capsule Messages” we received:

In 2053 I think all animals will be able to communicate with humans. There will be teleporting machines that take you anywhere you desire. There will be cures for diseases. Zoe – 11 years


In 2053 I lean back in my computerised chair. I remember the old days when dogs could only bark and people died of many cancers. I will travel the world. Ellen – 12 years


My personal dream is to marry a man and have six or more children and spend time with my friends and to be buried next to my dog Scooter. Briar – 9 years


I hope there will be no more war, starvation and that people will wake up to what they are doing to the environment. And that everybody will be happy. Henry


In 2053 I would be a grandmother, retired from a successful career as a crime-scene investigator. I want no wars, a clean environment, no famine and a disease-free world. Eleanor – 12 years


We sincerely hope that all the students who contributed to this time capsule are alive and well, and will have fulfilled most of their life dreams.

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