How an administrator is appointed in Tasmania?

An administrator can be appointed by the Guardianship and Administration Board to help an adult with a decision-making disability make financial and legal decisions.

Very few people require an order of the Guardianship and Administration Board.  Generally an application is only required if there is a problem that cannot be solved without a legally appointed decision-maker.


For example:

  • complex financial transactions (e.g. sale of a house, restrictions on an investment account) are required on behalf of the person and the person has lost capacity to make those transactions
  • a person with a disability is being neglected, exploited or abused
  • disputes arise within a family (or between a family and service providers) about the kind of support a person with a disability needs and who should provide it


If a person has planned ahead while they had capacity and prepared a registered enduring power of attorney their appointed attorney will make their financial and legal decisions.


Who can make an application to appoint an administrator?

Anyone who has a genuine concern for the welfare of a person with a decision-making disability can make an application to the Guardianship and Administration Board. This may be a family member, a friend, a care worker or the individual themselves.


It is strongly recommended that you contact the Board's office on (03) 6165 7500 to discuss whether a formal application is the appropriate course or if other less restrictive alternatives should be pursued.


For more information about the application process please go to the Guardianship and Administration Board website



Who can be appointed as an administrator?

Before appointment as Administrator a person must meet criteria set out in the Guardianship and Administration Act.


If there is no family member or friend who meets those criteria, the Board can appoint the Public Trustee as the administrator for the person.


If there is an emergency administration order, only the Public Trustee can be appointed.


For more information on the Public Trustee’s role as financial administration please view our video