Why should I have a Will?

Having a professionally written, up-to-date Will is important for a number of reasons.

Having a Will can:

  • ensure the right people are provided for when you die;
  • enable your assets to be distributed according to your wishes;
  • minimise disagreements among those who expect to benefit from your estate;
  • help those who are responsible for managing your estate understand how you would like your affairs managed;
  • enable your estate to be settled efficiently.

While everyone’s situation varies, some of the reasons why you should have a Will and estate plan are:

  • YOU decide how your estate will be distributed;
  • YOU decide who will take care of your minor children;
  • YOU will decide who your executors will be;
  • to potentially avoid a lengthy estate administration process – it will save your family or loved ones unnecessary distress at an already difficult time.

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