You decide who decides guide

The Australian Guardianship and Administration Council (AGAC) has published the ‘You Decide Who Decides’ guide as a helpful resource empowering you to decide whether making an enduring power for financial matters is right for you.

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An enduring power for financial decisions is a legal document that enables you to appoint another person to make financial decisions on your behalf. It can still be used even if you become unable to make decisions yourself.
While this guide is about financial decisions, you can also appoint someone to make personal and/or health or medical treatment decisions.

It can be difficult to decide whether to make an enduring power for financial decisions. Enduring powers can be very useful because they let the person you appoint look after your financial affairs, for example by paying your bills or selling property. However, enduring powers can also be misused, either by accident or deliberately.

If you do decide to make an enduring power, this guide will help you reduce the risk of things going wrong.
You can reduce the risk by:
• choosing the right person or people to make financial decisions for you
• communicating your wishes about these financial decisions
• in some cases, by putting instructions and conditions in your enduring power.

If you decide to make an enduring power of attorney contact the Public Trustee to get expert advice tailored to your circumstances please call us on 1800 068 784 or make an appointment using our online form here.

The legal information provided in this guide is of a general nature and readers may require legal advice for their specific circumstances

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