World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: Public Trustee urges Tasmanians to look after friends and family

With World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on the 15 June, the Public Trustee is urging individuals to prioritise the well-being and safety of their elderly friends and relatives.

There are a range of community events happening today, including COTA Tasmania’s World Elder Abuse Awareness Walk and a number of morning teas across the State, sponsored by the Public Trustee.

Shockingly, the majority of elder abuse cases are perpetrated by family members, highlighting the need for vigilance.

Public Trustee CEO, Todd Kennedy, said that the Public Trustee was constantly evaluating very concerning cases with potential links to elder abuse.

“Right now, there are at least ten or more cases involving our clients where elder abuse may be an issue,” Mr Kennedy said.

“As our population gets older, elder abuse will become more of an issue.

“The Public Trustee works with some of Tasmania’s most vulnerable people and elder abuse is something that we are constantly looking to protect our clients from.

“But all Tasmanians have a role to play.  Elder abuse affects around one in six older Australians, but it’s difficult to know the true extent because it is often not reported.

“Every Tasmanian should be looking out for elderly friends or relatives to help keep them safe.  If anyone needs more information they can contact the Elder Abuse Hotline on 1800 441 169.”

To read more about protecting yourself and loved ones from elder abuse click here

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