Updated Public Trustee Ministerial Charter

The Public Trustee CEO, Todd Kennedy, says the Public Trustee is committed to providing Tasmanians with the best possible services and has welcomed the tabling in Parliament of the new Ministerial Charter.

“Every year we talk to thousands of Tasmanians about estate planning and support over 1,300 people make important financial and legal decisions,” Mr Kennedy said.

“We are appointed to take on trusted roles at difficult times in people’s lives.

“Just like a number of other organisations that serve the public, we have a Ministerial Charter that sets out the Government’s expectations and puts in place a strong framework for the Public Trustee.

“One of the recommendations of the recent review into the Public Trustee was for Ministers to update the Ministerial Charter to make sure that our clients are at the centre of everything we do.  The Ministerial Charter tabled today reflects the recommendations in the review and is a great step forward for the Public Trustee and our clients.

“Importantly, it also gives the Public Trustee the support to provide a vital safety net for Tasmanians experiencing vulnerability.”

Please click here to view the Ministerial Charter

The Public Trustees want to hear from their clients, their families, supporters, and friends. If you would like to personally meet with the CEO Todd Kennedy to share your views, please book your appointment time at your local branch via our CONTACT FORM or call 1800 068 784.

Or register your interest in joining our client reference group.

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