Therese Taylor appointed as the Chairperson for Public Trustee Board

The Public Trustee are pleased to announce that Therese Taylor has been permanently appointed as Chairperson of their Board.

Therese has been interim Chairperson since May 2022 and a non-executive director of the Public Trustee Board since November 2020.

“We have greatly appreciated Therese’s experience and leadership as we implement changes to improve the client outcomes and transition to a more client-centric organisation,” CEO, Todd Kennedy said.

Therese brings extensive governance and executive leadership experience to the Board developed through a diverse career working across social and economic portfolios. She has held leadership roles in government, business and not-for-profit sectors, including serving as the CEO of Colony 47 for 10 years.

Therese Taylor stated “I am proud to support the Tasmanian community as the Chairperson of the Public Trustee Board. This is a time of extensive change, and I am committed to providing Tasmanians with the best possible services.”

“We congratulate Therese on her appointment and look forward to continuing to work on providing the best possible services to our clients and the Tasmanian community”. Mr Kennedy said.

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