Protecting your Pet Legacy

Our pets have a special place in our hearts, yet many of us don’t consider what might happen to them if they outlive us. You can keep your beloved pet safe and well cared for by taking steps to ensure your wishes for them are included in your Will and estate plan.

We also need to think about who will look after our pets if you become ill or have a serious accident.

In the event you are unable to return home to care for your pet, our pet emergency card can be easily seen in your wallet, alerting those around you that your pet needs care. The back of the card has a space for you to write the name of your pet and who to contact in an emergency.

To receive your pet emergency card follow this link here [download] for a direct download.

For more infomation on your pet and your Will click here to read our blog story

And to ensure your loved ones are taken care of, click here to make an appointment or call 1800 068 784.

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