Protecting your legacy is as important as sharing it

There is a great quote that said ‘one day your life will flash before your eyes make sure it is worth watching’. Better still, make sure those closest to you have a good preview of your life story. Our staff often comment that one of the rewarding parts of their job is listening to the great stories families tell about their loved ones and the possessions they own.

What makes these stories so great is when the family understand the sentimental value of the piece and the sparkle that it brings them when the items bring back fond memories.


People live on through the things they leave behind. Make sure those closest to you understand the value of your items and share the stories of your life achievements. What may appear uninteresting to you, may be fascinating to future generations.

Why not rummage through the attic or the old shoe box full of cards and memorabilia and share a story with someone you love or post about it on social media. It can also be a wonderful experience for yourself, reliving fond times.

Everyone has a story to tell, so don’t let yours remain untold. You owe it to your family and friends.


Quote by Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance


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