Independent review into the Public Trustee’s practices and processes

On Thursday the 10th of June 2021 the Premier announced that an independent review will be undertaken into the operations of the Public Trustee.

The Public Trustee welcomes this review, as it will allow Government to gather important insight into the processes of when we are appointed and the complex nature of the financial administration services we provide.

We consider that this review will contribute to enhancing a ‘fair, reasonable and workable’ system that will enable us to continue and improve the financial administration services we provide to vulnerable Tasmanians under our care.

The Public Trustee understands the role support groups are playing to recommend changes to the legislation to help vulnerable community members. To protect our client’s privacy, we are unable to comment specifically on any individual case or circumstances, but we would like to clarify our role in assisting the Tasmanian community.

When appointed by the Guardianship and Administration Board, the Public Trustee’s role is to manage a person’s financial affairs. When undertaking this role we will work with our client, if able, and get assistance from others such as family, friends or the Public Guardian, if appropriate.

We understand that there can be difficult decisions and emotions involved when an administration order has been made. Our priority is to ensure that our client’s financial well-being is protected while we work through varying and often complicated financial issues.

The Public Trustee is committed to providing professional services, delivered with integrity and understanding to the Tasmanian community.

The Public Trustee places a high level of value on feedback from our clients and also has a formal policy for dealing with any concerns or complaints. Please click here for more information on providing feedback.  

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