What if I want to spend money on a special purchase that is not in my budget?

To make sure that your money is only spent on things that you can afford, and that support your interests and goals, special purchases will need to be discussed in advance with your Client Account Manager.

If the special purchase is suitable and affordable, we can approve it and arrange for the payment to be made. We will usually pay the bill or invoice directly on your behalf but if your support person pays for the purchase, we will need them to give proof of the payment (like a receipt or bank statement) before we can pay them back.

While your Administration Order is in place, we can only use your funds to benefit you. This means that we cannot approve extra money to be spent on gifts for other people. If it is appropriate for someone else to benefit from your assets or income, we can help you to arrange an application to the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

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