What does the Public Trustee fee cover?

Public Trustee fees for executor services include the work required to obtain a grant of probate or administration, and the work to administer and distribute the estate. Our fee is based on the value of solely owned assets in the estate. Joint assets such as your home or bank accounts will not attract a fee. Click here to see our fee 

Our fees cover the following steps which are involved in settling an estate. 

  • confirming the Will is valid;
  • meeting with the beneficiaries; 
  • certifying entitlements in the estate; 
  • preparing an administration plan; 
  • preparing applications to the court (for the grant of probate or letters of administration); 
  • liaising with banks to get asset details; 
  • arranging asset valuations and inventories; 
  • sorting out debts; 
  • managing the sale or distribution of assets;
  • preparing a final statement; and 
  • sorting estate records. 

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