How do I obtain Probate?

To obtain a ‘Grant of Probate’, the executor must file various legal documents at the Supreme Court. The documents required include: the original Will, the death certificate and a complete statement of all assets and liabilities of the estate.

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Do you need help administering an estate?

If you are unsure about whether you can achieve all that is asked of you as executor, it makes sense to get help. Remember, it is unlikely the person who has died would have wanted to put you in a difficult or stressful situation.

The Public Trustee are experts in estate administration and provide a full range of executor services with professional estate managers, accountants and solicitors. We are a ‘one stop shop’ for estate administration and are equipped to deal with any issue that may arise.

If you are interested in referring an estate matter to us, please contact your nearest Public Trustee branch or call 1800 068 784.

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