Does the Public Trustee automatically sell all the assets in a deceased estate?

No, the Public Trustee doesn’t automatically sell all the assets in a deceased estate. Before any assets are sold, there will be extensive discussion between your beneficiaries and our team. In some instances, assets such as the family home are not sold; they are transferred directly to the beneficiaries. If a Will requests that real estate is sold, we obtain a valuation and advice from real estate agents to ensure the best possible price. Your beneficiaries will be kept updated and given ample opportunity to provide their feedback regarding the sale process.

How will you involve my beneficiaries?

We will arrange a meeting with your beneficiaries to discuss the administration. At this meeting your beneficiaries will receive a copy of your Will. Beneficiaries who are unable to attend this meeting are sent a copy of the Will. This meeting is where we allocate a dedicated client account manager to manage your estate. Your beneficiaries will have direct contact with the same account manager throughout the administration of your estate.

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