Wills Fees & Charges

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Preparing a Will and

enduring power of attorney

Public Trustee as sole executor and attorney

Single - $120

Couple - $160

Public Trustee as sole executor and a private attorney

Single - $240

Couple - $425

Private executor with the Public Trustee as attorney

Single - $390

Couple - $540

Private executor and attorney

Single - $445

Couple - $590

Will preparation

Public Trustee as sole executor

Single - $95

Couple - $130

Private executor

Single - $295

Couple - $445

Consultation   fee - no Will/enduring power of attorney/ enduring guardianship prepared -   $295 per hour (pro rata)

  • Preparing a Will and/ or enduring power of attorney will be provided free of charge when the Public Trustee is appointed as executor and attorney for Seniors and Australian Government Pensioner concession card holders (card must be presented and discount only applies to one appointment per year).
  • Existing clients of the Public Trustee will receive a 10% discount on the preparation fees when they revise their Will, enduring power of attorney and/or enduring guardianship (estate plan). 
  • Fees for couples are based on the assumption instructions and intended Wills are substantially similar.
  • Estate planning preparation fees are based on an appointment time of 1.5 hours. Couples will be booked in for a 2-hour appointment.
  • Will preparation fees are based on an appointment time of 1 hour. Couples will be booked in for 1.5 hours.
  • Any additional time required will be charged at $295 per hour (pro-rata).
  • Time and travel fees apply for out of office attendances, such as hospital or nursing home visit.

Cost to administer your estate

If we are appointed as your sole executor, fees apply only to assets that are NOT jointly owned.

For more information on the Public Trustee’s estate administration costs, please refer to our Estate Administration Fees and Charges. Alternatively you can download a copy of the Public Trustee’s Fees and Charges brochure.