When should I update my Will?

Just like everything in life, it is important that your Will is up-to-date. We recommend that you review your Will every 3 to 5 years, or as your circumstances change.

For example:

  • you bought or sold  an asset (e.g. a house/ business);
  • you married, divorced or entered into a significant relationship;
  • you gained a new child, grandchild or stepchild;
  • one of your children divorced, separated or entered into a significant relationship;
  • your children now have stepchildren;
  • you retired;
  • your spouse or partner died;
  • one of your beneficiaries died or became incapacitated;
  • you want to change the beneficiaries of your Will, and/or
  • you want to nominate the guardian of your minor children.

If you would like to make a Will or update an existing one, please call 1800 068 784 or click here to make an appointment online.