Is your Will up-to-date?

How often do you need to revisit your estate plan?

As life changes, so should your Will and it’s a good idea to review your Will and estate plan regularly to accurately reflect your current wishes (we recommend every 3-5 years). You may need to update your Will when you marry or divorce, have a child or grandchild, a beneficiary has passed away, or you sell or acquire an asset.

A review does not necessarily mean that a change is required, but does ensure that changes in circumstances are not overlooked.

Reasons you may need to update your Will include:

  • You have acquired or disposed of assets (especially an asset left to someone specific in your Will)
  • You have married, divorced or entered into a significant domestic or de facto relationship
  • You have a new child, grandchild or stepchild
  • One of your children has divorced, separated or entered into a significant relationship
  • Your children now have stepchildren
  • You have retired
  • You have changed your name
  • Your spouse or partner has died
  • One of your beneficiaries has died or become incapacitated
  • You no longer want to make a provision for a beneficiary mentioned in your Will

 The Public Trustee’s experienced team can work with you to ensure your Will remains up to date. Appointments can be made on 1800 068 784.

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