Enduring Power of Attorney Fees & Charges

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Initial Cost

Enduring power of attorney preparation

(financial matters)

Public Trustee as sole attorney

$95 for each document

Private attorney with the Public Trustee as a substitute  

$149 for each document

Consultation fee - no Will/enduring power of attorney/ enduring guardianship prepared -  $295 per hour (pro rata);

  • Preparing a Will and/ or enduring power of attorney will be provided free of charge when the Public Trustee is appointed as executor and attorney for Seniors and Australian Government Pensioner concession card holders (card must be presented and discount only applies to one appointment per year).
  • Existing clients of the Public Trustee will receive a 10% discount on the preparation fees when they revise their Will, enduring power of attorney and/or enduring guardianship (estate plan).
  • Enduring power of attorney preparation fees are based on an appointment time of 30 minutes per document.
  • Any additional time required will be charged at $295 per hour (pro-rata).
  • There is an additional Government registration fee to register an enduring power or attorney. If the Public Trustee is asked to register these documents an administration fee is also charged
  • Time and travel fees apply for out of office attendances, such as hospital or nursing home visit.

To act as attorney

If the Public Trustee is acting as the attorney, a pro rata fee of $120 per hour will be charged. A time sheet is kept and fees will be charged quarterly.

Income Commission

The Public Trustee charges 6.6% commission on the receipt of all income such as interest, dividends, pensions and rental income (where the Public Trustee is managing the property).  3.3% commission is charged on rental income where the Public Trustee is not managing the property.

Investment Management Fee

A 1.1% investment management fee may apply to invested funds not directly managed by the Public Trustee.

The following fees and charges may apply: 

  • account keeping fee ($13.50 per month);
  • domestic cheque drawing ($6.00) and direct credit ($3.20);
  • international bank transfers ($24.00) and international bank drafts ($32.00), excluding any 3rd party transaction and processing fees;
  • investment review fees for developing an investment strategy for the client portfolio. The fee charged is dependent upon the complexity of individual circumstances;
  • depending on the complexity of the matter a fee will be charged for the preparation and lodgment of income tax returns and other taxation services including the establishment of the acquisition details of assets for capital gains tax purposes;
  • a fee for conveyancing and other services provided in relation to the sale, purchase or transfer of a property; and/or
  • work of a particularly complex nature not covered above will be charged at an hourly rate.

Legal Services

Services provided by our legal practitioners are charged at a rate determined by the Public Trustee but not exceeding the maximum hourly attendance rate set out in the Supreme Court Rules 2000.