Our Launceston office has moved next door

The Public Trustee's Launceston office has moved next door to a newly refurbished office at the front of the MAIB building, 33 George Street. 

The short move next door to a larger office space signifies part of the Public Trustees investment in expanding its northern presence as well as creating an environment to reflect our continuing transformation into a more modern, service-focused organisation.

Due to Will and estate planning demand as well as commitments to improving our distribution strategy, new positions were created and key positions moved to Launceston from Hobart. Therefore a larger, more contemporary office was required to accommodate the increase in staff.

To celebrate our move in June and July we are offering a 20% discount on estate planning services in Launceston. To find out more please visit this link.

The office phone, email, PO box and fax numbers all remain the same.

To make an appointment at our newly refurbished office please call 1800 068 748 or click here to complete an appointment form