Is your estate plan complete?

An estate plan is more than just preparing a Will. You also need to consider and make formal plans for how you want to be looked after (financially and medically) if something happens to you.

Your Will assists your loved ones, to take care of your estate when you pass away. But you need to also consider who will look after your financial affairs or make your lifestyle and medical decisions, if you ever have a serious accident or suffer an illness, or want someone else to look after your affairs as you get older.

By preparing an enduring power of attorney you can appoint a trusted person or organisation such as the Public Trustee, to manage your financial affairs if you are unable to make decisions about your finances. 

If you have specific wishes about the type of medical care, lifestyle decisions, or the person/people who can make these decisions on your behalf, you may also need to consider preparing an enduring guardian.

A complete estate plan should include

Professional advice tailored to your circumstances;

a Will;

an enduring power of attorney, and

an Enduring Guardianship (especially if you have specific wishes about you lifestyle and medical decisions)

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The following videos will explain more about enduring power of attorney and enduring guardianship