The Public Trustee is a Government Business Enterprise (GBE) owned by the Tasmanian Government on behalf of the Tasmanian Community. It was established under the Government Business Enterprises Act 1995.  

The Board of the Public Trustee is responsible to the Treasurer and the Attorney-General for managing and conducting the business and affairs of the Public Trustee in accordance with sound commercial practice.  It ensures that the Public Trustee performs its statutory obligations.

In carrying out its responsibilities the Board:

  • sets the strategic direction of the organisation;
  • secures and monitors organisational performance;
  • ensures compliance with statutory requirements; and
  • manages risk.

The Board currently comprises five independent Directors.  Directors are appointed by the Treasurer and the Attorney-General on the recommendation of the Board.  Directors are selected on the basis of their complementary skills and ability to add value to the Board.

A number of committees have been established to assist the Board in carrying out its functions and responsibilities.

One of the major responsibilities of the Board is to manage risk, not only in the interest of the Public Trustee, but also to protect the interest of its clients.  The Audit Committee is responsible for monitoring corporate risk assessment processes and controls and the establishment of, and ongoing compliance with, an internal risk control framework.

The Public Trustee manages large sums of money on behalf of its clients.  It has established an Investment Committee which also has responsibility for the oversight of the organisation’s investment review processes to ensure that appropriate client investment decisions are made. Clients are assured that the Public Trustee has the necessary safeguards in place to protect their interests.

These arrangements ensure that the Public Trustee has the appropriate governance structures in place to ensure that it operates as a successful Government Business Enterprise in a competitive commercial environment.